Making Your School Summer Program Event a Hit! The Party Place Has Tips For You!

To make a great school summer program event, you have to plan well and come up with fantastic and creative new ideas. Use these tips to create a fun event that parents and kids alike will enjoy.

Set Up Games

If you want kids to enjoy the event, then you need to provide them with fun activities. Designate a few areas specifically for games and have someone stay there to organize them and ensure that everyone knows what to do. Whether you have water basketball, water balloon fights, or eating contests, it’s important to properly organize and delegate responsibilities. With just a little planning, you’ll have a wide variety of events for your guests to enjoy.

Provide Food

Hot weather sometimes makes people forget to eat, so it’s your job to provide plenty of delicious food. Summer fruits like watermelon will go over well at any outdoor event, as do snow cones—rent a machine for a memorable event from The Party Place. Have a barbecue where parents and kids can gather together and enjoy the summer. Make sure to have plenty of water and other beverages to keep everyone hydrated.

Spread the News

There is no point in spending a lot of time organizing an event if you don’t get the word out. Start spreading the word around your area at least a week before the event so people can plan to come. Emails and invitations are great ways to let a lot of people know with minimal effort.

Rent Inflatables

Bounce house rentals are a great idea for any summer school event. Set the kids loose on an inflatable rental and give the adults a chance to talk and catch up. Get a bounce house and a slide rental for some variety to keep kids from mobbing on just one jumper rental.

Get the best jumper rentals for your next event at The Party Place. We have a wide selection of bounce houses, inflatable slides, and other necessary event materials like tables and chairs. Call (661) 524-5867 to learn how to make your next group event a smashing success!


About The Party Place

The Party Place is here to serve all of your party rental needs. We have a wide array of bouncers, jumpers, balloons & party supplies.
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